Shopping update for the First Colony Tombstone Cupboard

Dear Fans,
this will be a post updated daily about where to find LH new release, for your convenience.

- Lois at Elegant Stitch added the set: $68.00 scissors included - SOLD OUT!!

- Silver Needle has the set for $64.00 (no scissors...)

- Village Mountain Stitchery : this site offers the box for $64.00 (no scissors...)

- Attic Needlework sent a newsletter with the cupboard at $65.00 (no scissors...)

- Deb at Stitches N Things is also offering this wonderful cupboard: $65.00 without the scissors, but she sells the scissors as well. Thanks Deb for letting us know! :D

- Bobbie offer the cupboard preorder on Stitching Bits and Bobs: $64.00 (no scissors)

- Traditional Stitches sells FCTC for $88.95 (Canadian Dollars...), scisors not included but available


A message from Carolyn....

Dear Fans,
as promised, here's what I've received from Carolyn about her latest handpainted cupboard:

Claudia: Dear Carolyn, congratulations! Another wonderful creation that will be loved and loved by many stitchers!
Carolyn: Your remarks about my folk art are always so kind and lovely! Thank you!

Claudia: Can you tell us when the cupboards will be available?
Carolyn: We have been working hard on trying to get these little cupboards built and painted, and hopefully many will go out to shops before the end of September, so you may get yours a bit sooner!!!

Claudia: Your cupboards are gorgeous... so unique!
Carolyn: I am happy that you like them. I am always worried that what I design will not be received and that maybe beople won't care for it... and then I get a lovely message from you saying that you do like it and I am happy! We do try always to make something a little different.

Claudia: ... and this time your set has something primitive, very stylish, following the primitive trend that is so popular between stitchers this year... What inspired you?
Carolyn: The set is for Halloween but really can be kept out all year, I think. The cupboard is meant to have a bit of primitive look. I love going to cemeteries seeing old tombstones, especially with angels on them. That is what I tried to pattern this little cupboard after. Then I choose a pumpkin color to go with the Halloween season.

Claudia: Thanks so much, Carolyn, for your kind answers!
Carolyn: Best regards to you and thank you for your email, my friend!

And we are all ready to display our cupboards all year long, right??? :D


First Colony Tombstone Cupboard updates

Dear Fans,
directly from Carolyn's presentation letter to shops, here a lovely description and better pictures of the cupboard (just click to enlarge...):

Have you seen the wonderful thread board hanging on the lid?? And the lovely inscription on the outside? The two white thread winders are so inusual and so primitive... Carolyn told me about a tie between this cupboard and the wonderful Angel Worke Box... she was right! They will look great together!!!
Remember that scissors are NOT included! They are the wonderful Primitive Little Gems made by Kelmscott Designs: Paula, your Gems look GREAT with the cupboard!! :D
And... Today I had a wonderful message from Carolyn: I will post it tomorrow! :D Be patient... :D


First Colony Tombstone Cupboard: ready for a new release?

Dear Liberty Hill Fans,
Carolyn will be ready soon with something new, totally different from anything she painted before. Now on preorder on Silver Needle (see on the left for the link...), there is her newest release that will be ready on late September.
Here' pictures of this new beauty:

It's a pure delight!!! As Silver Needle's describes, it's a miniature cupboard with a tombstone angel painted on its outside lid, in black color over pumpkin tones, that guards a list of what "lies" inside the cupboard itself...
Opening the door, every stitcher will find wonderful sewing smalls ready to give more accent to every work in progress, stored on a small shelf:
a thread board, an envelope with needles, 2 thread winders and a lovely fob. All handpainted!!! Price: $64.00.
But you have to be quick.... Carolyn will release only 300 of this little wonders!

Well... I will try to interview Carolyn about it... just stay tuned if you want to know more about some behind the scene details!!


A stitchers companion - New Release!!!

Dear Fans,
a new creation will be in stores soon: the wonderful A Stitchers Companion box!!

Lois at Elegant Stitch posted this wonderful news about the new box designed and handpainted by Carolyn. This lovely set comes complete, with a handcrafted and hand-painted wooden box measuring 5.25x4.25x2.5 inches. On the lid there is a nice scene with a deer and a pine tree, scene that is repeated on the inside accessories: four gorgeous useful stitching smalls, all hand-painted. There is a 3" starter board with a by the sea scene, stored in it's own wool blue pocket closed by a star button; a small cute wood hand-painted project ring, with the ring included, with a country scene; a four inch painted ruler, tiny handpainted with sheeps and trees; a wooden scissor fob with a beehive on it. On the box lid, inside face, there is even a magnetic strip where you can hang your needles while you're stitching.
Lois has a starte list becacuse there will be two releases of this box, the first will be coming about the last week in march or the beginning of apriland the next will not be available until mid-may.
Ready to order??? This set will cost $48.00. Quite less for a unique handpainted gorgeous piece!

UPDATE! Silver Needle has some sets for sale, so take a look there too if you are looking for this new release!
Stitching Bits and Bobs too has a preorder page for the set!
Deb from Stitches N Things has just emailed me letting me know that she has this wonderful set too!!! Just take a look clicking HERE!!! She's a Carolyn's fan as we are... :D
Traditional Stitches, Canadian shop, has the set here...


Williamsburg Exclusives (Part two)

Dearest Fans, here we are with more wonderful accessories that Mary Ann had the chance to sell in Williamsburg. Let her introduce the latest made for the 2008 edition.

Claudia: "Mary Ann, Carolyn did a lovely surprise for the latest Williamsburg edition, right?"
Mary Ann: "Oh yes, Claudia. In the late fall 2008, Carolyn and I discuss what we think would be a nice addition to the collectors each year. I mentioned I just loved my thread box from a few years ago. . . so she took it from there! It is a longer box, with a village scene and includes the thread ring. She makes one limited edition, available only at this event, of course."

And there it is.... A gorgeous floss box, called "A thread keepe" with its lovely project ring tag, included. The box, as Carolyn descibe it in a handwritten message included, is for your overdyed floss and silks:



For those who missed the Christmas Memories box!!!

I've just received the Traditional Stitches newsletter where is announced this:
"Liberty Hill: We just heard from Carolyn that she was able to find us a few more of these! They are a very limited edition Christmas Memories set: A 7.5" x 5.5" x 3" high hand crafted and hand painted wooden box with a slant top lid totally decorated on the outside in cinnamon, green and gold with a sweet Christmas scene on the underside of the lid. This box comes fully loaded with sewing smalls and holiday goodies and is meant to be displayed open, especially for the holiday season.

Comes complete with a little needlebook in its own wool pocket, a small wood hand painted project ring, a little decorated tree shaped thread winder and a small house on a ribbon to be used as a necklace or a scissors fob. Also comes with a silver vintage mercury ornament, 3 chenille candy canes and 2 glittered metal white snow flakes, all resting on a bed of straw."

Last chance to have it!!!! :D


Williamsburg exclusives! (Part one)

Dearest Fans, first of all thanks so much for all your interest on the blog: we reached 1000 visits!! Carolyn will love this for sure... :D
This is the first post about a special Lady I know, tied to Carolyn by several special projects, in a very very limited number, designed exclusively for her for the wonderful Just Cross Stitch Seminars event that happens every year in the colonial superb town of Williamsburg, Virginia.
The most important designers are each year called to teach to passionate stitchers their creations (Merry Cox, Thea Dueck, Jackie DuPlessis, Rae Iverson...) and while the seminars are in progress there is a boutique, where the Lady I'm talking you about sells Carolyn's limited edition pieces...
Her name is Mary Ann Locklear and she's the owner of "Books and More" in Chesterfield, VA.
Claudia: "Dear Mary Ann, it's a pleasure for me to know you and to have you as a dearest friend... Would you like to tell to LH fans something more about you?"
Mary Ann: "Sure, Claudia. I have a small needlework book and tools business from my home. I do special events and boutiques for guilds and organizations. Carolyn at Liberty Hill often does things for me. They are always popular... Carolyn is a dear friend in another state and I just love her things. She is very nice and very talented!"
C. :"We are tied by the same passion... because you are a huge collector of LH items, as I am and like many of our readers are!"
M.A. :"Oh yes!!! I am so happy and thrilled to have someone to share my love of Carolyn's things with. One year at the big Nashville Cash & Carry Market, Carolyn was still do collaborations with Leslie at Hillside Samplings. I was standing in line to pay for my things, set a few things down on the counter and would you believe someone stole them. ... I am serious. It was the year she did the little sheep in the boxes. I was so upset, I started to cry. I went back the next day and Leslie told me she would talk to the "Painter" as I had not met Carolyn at that point. Sure enough the next year she had done one for me. I really treasure it...
C. :" Tell us something more about Williamsburg and Carolyn's specials"
M.A. :"I participate as a vendor and sometimes attend myself, Just Cross Stitch Seminar in Williamsburg, VA each December. In the late fall, Carolyn and I discuss what we think would be a nice addition to the collectors each year. I NEVER know what she will send. Some of the items she may make available at a later time but not always. The items that are dated or say Williamsburg will not be done the same again! I know you understand when I say it is "Christmas or Birthday Time" when I open the shipment from her....
C. :"Oh yes, I perfectly understand it!! I had the same feelings opening my parcel from you full of Williamsburg goodies... :D Let us show to LH fans what we are talking about!
M.A. :" Let start with the oldest ones... The green box with the slanted lid was limited to 6 only, while the Tolen of Love round box has made in 25 pieces only"

And Dearest Fans, here they are:

Aren't they cute???
See you all nex time with the Williamsburg 2008 exclusives...