For those who missed the Christmas Memories box!!!

I've just received the Traditional Stitches newsletter where is announced this:
"Liberty Hill: We just heard from Carolyn that she was able to find us a few more of these! They are a very limited edition Christmas Memories set: A 7.5" x 5.5" x 3" high hand crafted and hand painted wooden box with a slant top lid totally decorated on the outside in cinnamon, green and gold with a sweet Christmas scene on the underside of the lid. This box comes fully loaded with sewing smalls and holiday goodies and is meant to be displayed open, especially for the holiday season.

Comes complete with a little needlebook in its own wool pocket, a small wood hand painted project ring, a little decorated tree shaped thread winder and a small house on a ribbon to be used as a necklace or a scissors fob. Also comes with a silver vintage mercury ornament, 3 chenille candy canes and 2 glittered metal white snow flakes, all resting on a bed of straw."

Last chance to have it!!!! :D

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