The Christmas Memories Box feelings from a LH fan...

Dearest LH Fans, I've received this lovely message from Sharom, one of us, explaining her happiness receiveng the Christmas memories box:

"My Liberty Hill Christmas Memories box arrived today. I was so excited waiting for the UPS man, as I had gotten a notice to expect a package today from The Silver Needle. The box is even more wonderful in person than the pictures I have seen. I've spent an exciting half hour unwrapping it and looking at all the delightful trinkets and stitching accessories that are included in the box. It arrived well- wrapped and packaged, and included a letter from Liberty Hill explaining the idea behind the box. I will be setting mine up with my feather tree and a few ornaments that I have stitched (once they return from the finisher). I am ordering a darling pair of Santa sewing scissors to attach to my house scissor fob and keep in my box with some threads and fabrics. The beautiful mercury glass ornament will join others that I have on my living room tree. I hope that everyone else who has a box on order will receive theirs soon. It is well worth the wait. Happy stitching all, Sharon"

and this is her picture:

Thanks Sharon!!!


The Christmas Memories box tale...

Dear fans, Carolyn has been so kind to tell us something more about the Christmas box and about its enchanting creation.

Claudia: Dear Carolyn, your box is having a great success!!
Carolyn: Oh, yes! I am busy painting away to fill all the orders. It is a big job, trying to get everything ready for each box: I want each box to be perfect! As usual, my husband makes each box individually and then turns them over to me for the painting. Most of the boxes will go out to shops and businesses by the first week in December and doing 190 boxes can be a bit overwhelming... but I love to paint, so they are fun to do.

Claudia: Oh, we know you love to paint, and it shows! But you said that your boxes will be 190... why that number?
Carolyn : The ornaments, the tiny silver mercury ornaments, are what makes this box so limited. If we can get more, than we'll paint more of the box...

Claudia: This time you designed something more than a simple sewing box... What kind of inspiration you had?
Carolyn: When I designed the box , I wanted it to be as if a child was receiveing it for Christmas maybe in the late 1800's. It would have in it little sewing items that she might have used and also there would be some little Christmas surprises in it like the little house necklace, and a few Christmas ornaments. It might have been made for her by her parents and set under the Christmas tree as a treasured gift. Can you see that I do get carried away with the things I paint... :) Anyway, that is the story to go with the Christmas Memories Box.

Claudia : It's a cute heartwarming story.... Thanks once again for your kindness, Carolyn! Your fans will love this!
Carolyn : Thank you for all your interest in my work.

Nice story, indeed! Can you imagine that little girl, with her lovely box during Christmas?


Silver Needle's specials!

Thanks to a very sweet LH fan, Sharon, the blog today is happy to let you all know that if you're looking for some LH treats for yourself Silver Needle announced a very very special offer about LH items....
Here's what they say:

"Special #2: Liberty Hill... for the *higher budget* gift exchange... Oh my gosh... we have such beautiful things! This special encompasses the Miniature Thread Palette Set, Needlework Tool Box, Holiday Threads, AMERICANA THREAD BOARD, Thread Board Starter Set, and Berrie Pynboxe (which isn't even on the website!) Buy any of these... and get that little Americana Thread Board for ONLY $10 (instead of $33!) Get 2 of anything... Palette sets, tool boxes, or thread board starter sets - get * 2* $10 Americana boards! (That particular design is NOT included in the starter set, so it's a perfect addition to that little box!) Awesome stuff... always on the higher end of treats...
Remember that these are not 'open to all', and are by *REQUEST ONLY!* You get 'em -- because you subscribe to my notes -- but gosh... you have to mention the specials, otherwise you DON'T GET THEM! (ie... don't forget to use the Comments Box and hit the SUBMIT button after you type in your notes!)"

Quite interesting for us all!!!!!!
Remember that the blog IS NOT AFFILIATED with any shop... We mention shops just to let our LH fans where to find what they're looking for and so on!

About the Christmas Box (so special!!!), at Elegant Stitch is sold out (already!!) while at Silver Needle they have 36 boxes available (but most of them are reserved!)....


The newest gorgeous box is ready!!!

There it is: The Christmas Memories Box! Is a little treasure, completed with a lovely wintery scene painted on the inside lid and some treats for your Christmas time. Carolyn this time had a wonderful idea, filling the box with a lot of small items just for the pleasure of our eyes!
As you can see, this box comes complete with a tiny silver mercury ornament,very vintage, 3 chenille candy canes and 2 glittered metal snowflakes resting on a bed of straw in the box, a little needlebook in it's own wool pocket, a small wood handpainted tag and its project ring, a little decorated tree shaped thread winder and a small house on a ribbon to be used as a necklace or a scissors fob. How many accessories!!! Can you imagine all of them in your hands? Or displayed close to the box in your preferred corner? I do!!
You can order the box at Elegant Stitch, right now, and remember that this is a very limited edition of 190 boxes: once they are gone, are gone!!!


Carolyn's interview! Our blog's exclusive ... :D

Dear Fans,

we have the chance now to know something more about Carolyn this week, because she sent a lovely email to Claudia, saying thanks for this blog and telling about her wonderful work of handpainter and... stitcher!!!

Claudia: "Thanks Carolyn for your kind message! I hope you like the blog created for you..."
Carolyn: "I saw your web site about the Liberty Hill Fan Blog and I must say that I am not only astounded but truly honored that you would have this blog for my items. Thank you for your support. It's wonderful to hear how much people like my work and that they can use my items when they stitch.It's fun for me to sit and try to design new things.When I put something new up for sale, I'm never certain if it will be a hit or not until I see how many orders I get."

Claudia: "Your works are always so lovely for us stitchers... can you tell us more about your style and creativity?"
Carolyn : "My first love is stitching and it's fun to design things that a stitcher might use while keeping everything more on the primitive line . I love the primitive look and my home reflects that look. I have many samplers hanging in my home which I have stitched. I also love to paint and have also carried this look throughout our home."

Claudia: ""Liberty Hill: why this name?"
Carolyn: "My little business is called Liberty Hill because that is the name of our home.We live in the country on 14 acres in ski country of western New York state."

Claudia: "Your handpainted jewels have been often tied to stunning cross stitch designs..."
Carolyn: " As you know , I began working with Lesley Rudnicki from Hillside Sampling. We lived in the same town and she wanted me to paint extra items for her booth at Nashville. We then decided to do limited editions for stitchers and we did that for about 6 or 7 years. I also worked , as you know for Susan Biggers of Historic Stitches. We also created limited editions such as the Tombstone Angel Workbox and other things. Susan also is a dear friend . When she decided to cut back , I thought I would try to just go it alone and put out some stitching accessories for shops. It has been received very well."

Claudia: "Could you tell us more about your work? We love details... :D"
Carolyn: " I paint everyday as there are many orders to fill and I do all the painting by myself. My husband makes all the wood items. We are a great team but because everything is handcrafted and handpainted, it takes quite a while to fill all the orders.I have painted over 200 of the All Hallow's Eve Box....I always want to make certain that whatever we do is of good quality and when I paint each item , I try to paint as if I were going to buy the piece myself.. I want each individual item to be as perfect as can be. That can be hard to do when one is painting 200 items. I try to look over each item after it is finished. There have been times when I left the feet off the sheep or forgot the stars or left off the smoke from the chimney so we try to check everything.I do love to paint , however . I get excited when that new piece comes out the way I had thought it would"

Claudia: "There will be soon a new lovely creation, right?"
Carolyn: "Soon I must start on the new Christmas Memories Box which we are offering for this coming holiday season. This is a wooden box with a Christmas scene handpainted on the underside of the lid. It will come with Christmas goodies such as a little mercury ornament, snowflakes, and candy canes ( not real) on one side of the box and sewing smalls on the other side of the box. I want it to look like maybe a child received this for Chrismas as a gift in the 1850's. I can send you a photo of it when we have our sample put together. It will be ready for shipping in the middle of Nov. 08 so that people will have it for the holiday season."

Claudia: "Ohhhhh that's sound as a must have!!!! How many treats every year for us!!!
Carolyn: "I will keep on painting , trying to maybe put at least 4 new items out per year and getting very little personal stitching time for myself...."

Claudia: "Thanks Carolyn: your fans will appreciate this little interview for sure! Thanks so much for everything you create and for the passion you share with every stitcher!
Carolyn: "All my best to you, Carolyn at Liberty Hill"

Well... now we are all sooooooo excited to know about Carolyn's Christmas new item!!!!! :D:D:D



Something squared....

Dear Fans, here the first of several articles about Carolyn's creations: an ensemble of infos and pictures about her works, new and not.

This time we'll introduce some of Liberty Hill's Thread Keepers, the squared ones and the first creation we'll show is the latest "Miniature Thread Palettes" set:

This cute 4 tiny wooden boards have a useful box to store them in, handpainted inside out, and each of the boards features a different design, just to let every stitcher to coordinate it to any other Liberty Hill item or any country stiched piece. Each board has 4 tiny holes and a top hole, where to attach some stitched one over one little pillow, any ring or any ribbon and cord, just to embellish it as desired. The set comes with a black ribbon knotted to each thread keeper.

As you can see, on the back of everything there is the "Threads" sign.
Some detailed info:
Set price $43.00
Each board measures: approx 1-7/8 x 2-7/8
Box measures: approx 3-3/4 x 1-3/8 x 1-5/8

The second item we'd like to introduce, is the "Always in Stitches Thread Board":

This piece is unique and especially created for Always in Stitches, Mrs Carole counted cross-stitch shop located in Palm Beach County, Florida, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Liberty Hill designed this beautiful thread board with some suggestion from Carole... She said: "There isn't much more to tell about the thread board that Carolyn did for my shop. I think the size is exclusive and I asked her to put bees on it because I like them. She came up with the rest!"
Thanks Carole for your words for the blog!

Some detailed infos:
Price: $ 19.00
Thread board measures: approx 3-7/8" x 3-1/4"
Because of the special edition item, you can find it ONLY at Always in Stitches!!!


All Hallows Eve Update!

There is an additional picture of the box and accessories: we can see the inside, finished with the checkered sweet potato wool base!

The Box measures 5"x 3-1/2" and it is 2-1/4" high (cm 12,5 x 9,0 - cm 6,5 H)

Another shop added a Preorder option for the box:
Always in Stitches



Dear LH fans, WELCOME to this unofficial special blog!

Liberty Hill handpainted goodies are a must have for any stitcher that loves country/primitive style, and even for who loves handpainted items stitchery related.
Who is Liberty Hill? Her name (yes.... a lovely woman!) is Carolyn and she loves to create boxes, thread winders, hornbooks, trays to store/carry anything a stitcher need to work with.
With this blog, you'll have a diary wich will give you news, descriptions, pictures of Carolyn's creations and accessories, links of shops carrying her products and more.

Hoping you'll like and enjoy your visit, be prepared to LH next release: All Hallows Eve hand painted Sewing Box!

As you can see, it's a lovely handpainted Halloween papier machè box (finished inside and outside)with a 'spooky' Halloween scene on the lid, with some cute accessories: a project metal thread ring with a wood tag, a matching thread winder and a tiny scissor fob (scissors not included - the showed ones are the Kelmscott Designs Putford Scissors). This accessories rest inside the box on a checkered sweet potato colored wool base).
The release date is September 5th and it's a VERY LIMITED EDITION piece, available until October 31st

Preorders are taken here:
Traditional Stitches
Stitches 'n Things