Williamsburg Exclusives (Part two)

Dearest Fans, here we are with more wonderful accessories that Mary Ann had the chance to sell in Williamsburg. Let her introduce the latest made for the 2008 edition.

Claudia: "Mary Ann, Carolyn did a lovely surprise for the latest Williamsburg edition, right?"
Mary Ann: "Oh yes, Claudia. In the late fall 2008, Carolyn and I discuss what we think would be a nice addition to the collectors each year. I mentioned I just loved my thread box from a few years ago. . . so she took it from there! It is a longer box, with a village scene and includes the thread ring. She makes one limited edition, available only at this event, of course."

And there it is.... A gorgeous floss box, called "A thread keepe" with its lovely project ring tag, included. The box, as Carolyn descibe it in a handwritten message included, is for your overdyed floss and silks:


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