Williamsburg exclusives! (Part one)

Dearest Fans, first of all thanks so much for all your interest on the blog: we reached 1000 visits!! Carolyn will love this for sure... :D
This is the first post about a special Lady I know, tied to Carolyn by several special projects, in a very very limited number, designed exclusively for her for the wonderful Just Cross Stitch Seminars event that happens every year in the colonial superb town of Williamsburg, Virginia.
The most important designers are each year called to teach to passionate stitchers their creations (Merry Cox, Thea Dueck, Jackie DuPlessis, Rae Iverson...) and while the seminars are in progress there is a boutique, where the Lady I'm talking you about sells Carolyn's limited edition pieces...
Her name is Mary Ann Locklear and she's the owner of "Books and More" in Chesterfield, VA.
Claudia: "Dear Mary Ann, it's a pleasure for me to know you and to have you as a dearest friend... Would you like to tell to LH fans something more about you?"
Mary Ann: "Sure, Claudia. I have a small needlework book and tools business from my home. I do special events and boutiques for guilds and organizations. Carolyn at Liberty Hill often does things for me. They are always popular... Carolyn is a dear friend in another state and I just love her things. She is very nice and very talented!"
C. :"We are tied by the same passion... because you are a huge collector of LH items, as I am and like many of our readers are!"
M.A. :"Oh yes!!! I am so happy and thrilled to have someone to share my love of Carolyn's things with. One year at the big Nashville Cash & Carry Market, Carolyn was still do collaborations with Leslie at Hillside Samplings. I was standing in line to pay for my things, set a few things down on the counter and would you believe someone stole them. ... I am serious. It was the year she did the little sheep in the boxes. I was so upset, I started to cry. I went back the next day and Leslie told me she would talk to the "Painter" as I had not met Carolyn at that point. Sure enough the next year she had done one for me. I really treasure it...
C. :" Tell us something more about Williamsburg and Carolyn's specials"
M.A. :"I participate as a vendor and sometimes attend myself, Just Cross Stitch Seminar in Williamsburg, VA each December. In the late fall, Carolyn and I discuss what we think would be a nice addition to the collectors each year. I NEVER know what she will send. Some of the items she may make available at a later time but not always. The items that are dated or say Williamsburg will not be done the same again! I know you understand when I say it is "Christmas or Birthday Time" when I open the shipment from her....
C. :"Oh yes, I perfectly understand it!! I had the same feelings opening my parcel from you full of Williamsburg goodies... :D Let us show to LH fans what we are talking about!
M.A. :" Let start with the oldest ones... The green box with the slanted lid was limited to 6 only, while the Tolen of Love round box has made in 25 pieces only"

And Dearest Fans, here they are:

Aren't they cute???
See you all nex time with the Williamsburg 2008 exclusives...

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Margaret said...

Claudia, no fair! Exclusives we can't get! :D They're gorgeous of course. Thanks for showing us. I have to make it to Williamsburg someday.