A message from Carolyn....

Dear Fans,
as promised, here's what I've received from Carolyn about her latest handpainted cupboard:

Claudia: Dear Carolyn, congratulations! Another wonderful creation that will be loved and loved by many stitchers!
Carolyn: Your remarks about my folk art are always so kind and lovely! Thank you!

Claudia: Can you tell us when the cupboards will be available?
Carolyn: We have been working hard on trying to get these little cupboards built and painted, and hopefully many will go out to shops before the end of September, so you may get yours a bit sooner!!!

Claudia: Your cupboards are gorgeous... so unique!
Carolyn: I am happy that you like them. I am always worried that what I design will not be received and that maybe beople won't care for it... and then I get a lovely message from you saying that you do like it and I am happy! We do try always to make something a little different.

Claudia: ... and this time your set has something primitive, very stylish, following the primitive trend that is so popular between stitchers this year... What inspired you?
Carolyn: The set is for Halloween but really can be kept out all year, I think. The cupboard is meant to have a bit of primitive look. I love going to cemeteries seeing old tombstones, especially with angels on them. That is what I tried to pattern this little cupboard after. Then I choose a pumpkin color to go with the Halloween season.

Claudia: Thanks so much, Carolyn, for your kind answers!
Carolyn: Best regards to you and thank you for your email, my friend!

And we are all ready to display our cupboards all year long, right??? :D


Margaret said...

I'll display mine all year --right beside my angel box. :D

Claudiaxstitch said...

:D Me too... My Angel Worke Box will be enhanced with this cupboard on its side...