The Christmas Memories box tale...

Dear fans, Carolyn has been so kind to tell us something more about the Christmas box and about its enchanting creation.

Claudia: Dear Carolyn, your box is having a great success!!
Carolyn: Oh, yes! I am busy painting away to fill all the orders. It is a big job, trying to get everything ready for each box: I want each box to be perfect! As usual, my husband makes each box individually and then turns them over to me for the painting. Most of the boxes will go out to shops and businesses by the first week in December and doing 190 boxes can be a bit overwhelming... but I love to paint, so they are fun to do.

Claudia: Oh, we know you love to paint, and it shows! But you said that your boxes will be 190... why that number?
Carolyn : The ornaments, the tiny silver mercury ornaments, are what makes this box so limited. If we can get more, than we'll paint more of the box...

Claudia: This time you designed something more than a simple sewing box... What kind of inspiration you had?
Carolyn: When I designed the box , I wanted it to be as if a child was receiveing it for Christmas maybe in the late 1800's. It would have in it little sewing items that she might have used and also there would be some little Christmas surprises in it like the little house necklace, and a few Christmas ornaments. It might have been made for her by her parents and set under the Christmas tree as a treasured gift. Can you see that I do get carried away with the things I paint... :) Anyway, that is the story to go with the Christmas Memories Box.

Claudia : It's a cute heartwarming story.... Thanks once again for your kindness, Carolyn! Your fans will love this!
Carolyn : Thank you for all your interest in my work.

Nice story, indeed! Can you imagine that little girl, with her lovely box during Christmas?

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